Where do you arrange the events?

We prefer to make a Romantic Proposal dinner on private beaches in the West of Koh Samui. Sunset side. Even in high season there are not many people here. Our locations are very beautiful and ideal for marriage proposals.

What happens if it rains?

Unfortunately, the tropical climate is characterized by unexpected, often changing weather, so it is impossible to predict in advance whether it will rain or not. In case of rain, each of our locations also has a rooftop restaurant on the beach. This is our plan B)

How will everything go?

We have two scenarios for you to choose from. 1) You propose immediately upon arrival 2) You start with a photo shoot and propose during dinner.

We can recommend one of them to you, depending on the services you choose

What is your dinner menu?

We have 4 types of menu of three dishes from chef (Thai, European, Vegetarian and Kosher-friendly set for 2 person).   

When will I receive the photos?

10 days after event.

What legend should I tell my girlfriend so that she doesn’t guess the purpose of the trip?

You can say that you are going for a sunset photo shoot (if you choose scenario #1 and arrive before sunset). And you can say you’re having dinner if you arrive after sunset (scenario #2)

I don’t want to have dinner, we’ll just have wine or a cocktails after the Proposal.

Just subtract 1000 baht from the basic package price.

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